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Top 3 Sales Techniques to Boost Your Close Rates and Increase your Revenue in 2022 and Beyond
10/27/2022 17:57 in Webinars

Your customers expect more than just the old pen and paper estimate in today's digital world. It is your job to win them over with your expertise, professionalism, and reputation. This all starts during your first visit to their home. Join our free webinar to hear from pest control experts the latest tips, tricks, and techniques for not only winning more business but also increasing the efficiency of your sales and inspection process.


Attendees of this webinar will learn the following:

• How to quickly and easily (with almost no training) produce digital termite and WDI/WDO diagrams from anywhere

• Techniques for using these diagrams in the sales process that can boost your close rate up to 90%

• How to save time on every pest inspection

• The benefits of digitizing your pest control planning, documenting, and sales process


Mike Adams, Owner of E3 Termite and Pest Control will join us to walk through his step-by-step process for winning up to 90% of his deals (while being their highest-priced provider in this territory).


You will not want to miss this webinar. You will leave with knowledge of new tools and techniques that will help you save time, become more organized, and increase the revenue of your pest control business.


“The output from ArcSite is immaculate and professional. We use it to walk our prospective customers through the services we will complete in their homes. This is a very nice touch that our customers love. We can even have the customers sign the graphs right in ArcSite stating that they understand the issues and work that we’ll complete. Since using ArcSite, our close rates have jumped from 40% to 70%. Some of us even close at a 90% rate and we’re one of the most expensive pest control companies in our market. It really helps with building trust.”

-Mike Adams

Owner E3 Termite and Pest Control


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